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Hidden Hinge Torsion Spring Assist - Code: STHHTS


R&B’s range of hidden hinge torsion spring assist covers are bespoke manufactured to suit customer requirements and are fitted with a deep metal channel and neoprene seal as standard.  The covers are designed for use in slow moving areas were regular access or single person access is required.  The hidden hinges are tamper-proof and perfect for high security applications.

Frame Sizes & Spec

  • o/a Top of Frame = c/o + 130mm on None
    Hinged Width. Recommended Rebate  W-200mm D-140mm.
  • o/a Top of Frame = c/o + 260mm on None
  • Hinged Width. Recommended Rebate W-300mm D-140mm.
  • 50mm Build in Lugs on Longest Sides.
  • 110mm o/a Frame Depth.


Torsion spring
hidden Hinge 1
hidden hinge 3


  • Anti-Tamper Hidden Hinged.
  • Deep Metal Barrier Seal with Neoprene Under
  • Lid (Gas and Airtight Seal to Atmospheric Pressure).
  • Torsion Spring (Stainless Steel) Assisted Lift for One Person Safe Operation.
  • Secure Turnbuckle Locking.BS Lifting Points.
  • Loadings Available – FACTA AA (5tonneGLVW), AAA (10tonne), B (25tonne), D(44tonne)
  • Galvanising certified to BS EN ISO 1461.
  • Threaded Frame lifting eyes.

Bespoke Options

  • Additional Security Locking (TorxPin Screws).
  • Full Stainless Steel Grades 304
  • Recessed Padlock Facility c/w Hinged Lid
  • Frame Drainage Tubes
  • Frame Lifting Points.
  • Demountable Safety Barrier System.
  • Fall Protection Safety Grid (Various Options Available).




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