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Environmental, Social and Governance

Our Initiative

At R&B UK JT LTD, we firmly believe that Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) considerations are not just buzzwords but fundamental pillars guiding our business operations. Committed to innovation and sustainability, we have embedded Environmental Social and Governance principles into the very fabric of our organization. Let us delve into how R&B is championing Environmental Social and Governance initiatives to drive positive change within our industry and beyond.

Environmental Stewardship:

Recognizing the environmental impact of our activities, R&B has taken initiative-taking measures to reduce our carbon footprint. We have invested in innovative technologies and renewable energy sources to minimize energy consumption and emissions. Additionally, our commitment to using recycled materials in our products underscores our dedication to resource conservation and waste reduction.

  • Zero Carbon Pallet Network: Our distribution network operates with zero carbon pallets, minimizing environmental impact during transportation.
  • Electric and Hybrid Fleet: Over 90% of our company vehicles are electric or hybrid, reducing emissions and promoting cleaner transportation.
  • CBAM Certified Facilities: Our manufacturing facilities adhere to CBAM (Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism) certification, demonstrating our commitment to carbon neutrality.
  • LED Lighting and Motion Sensors: Implementing energy-efficient LED lighting and motion sensors in our facilities reduces electricity usage and enhances sustainability.
  • Solar Power Integration: Production facilities are equipped with solar panels, providing up to 90% of electricity needs, further reducing our reliance on non-renewable energy sources.



Electric Car charger image as 90% of all company cars are hybrid or electric in line with our Green Forest highlights Environmental Social and Governance.

Social Responsibility

Beyond environmental initiatives, R&B places a strong emphasis on social responsibility. We uphold stringent labour standards across our supply chain, ensuring fair wages, safe working conditions, and respect for human rights. Moreover, we actively engage with local communities through various initiatives to foster sustainable development and enhance societal well-being.

  • Labour Standards: We enforce fair labour practices throughout our supply chain, prioritizing the well-being of workers and ensuring compliance with international labour standards.
  • Community Engagement: R&B actively supports educational programs, infrastructure projects, and charitable endeavours within local communities to drive positive social impact and promote inclusive growth.
Green Forest highlights Environmental Social and Governance


Transparency, integrity, and accountability are foundational principles of our corporate governance framework. We maintain robust internal controls and compliance measures, including ISO 9001:2015 certification, to uphold ethical standards and mitigate risks. Furthermore, we promote diversity and inclusivity within our workforce and leadership, recognizing the value of diverse perspectives in driving innovation and informed decision-making.

Ensuring Sustainability:

Minimized Packaging: We prioritize reusable packaging for our products, minimizing waste and promoting sustainability throughout the supply chain.

Continuous Improvement: R&B is committed to ongoing assessment of our environmental impact and regularly engages in conversations on energy efficiency and natural resource conservation to prevent pollution and minimize our ecological footprint.

Emission and Waste Reduction: We strive to minimise and, where possible, eliminate emissions and waste across all facets of our operations, demonstrating our unwavering commitment to sustainability.

Image od Solar farm as the production facility have 90% of the electic power generated through solar panels in line with R&B's Environmental Social and Governance

Environmental Ethics

At R&B, our dedication to Environmental Social and Governance principles is not just a corporate mandate; it is a moral imperative. By embracing sustainability, fostering social responsibility, and upholding governance excellence, we are not only shaping a brighter future for our business but also contributing to a healthier planet and more equitable society for generations to come. Join us on this journey toward a sustainable future.

Wind turbine demonstrating that R&B follow and Considers Environmental Social and Governance

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