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Compass Superstack- Structural Duct Access Chamber System - Modular Duct Access Chamber Code: SUP


Compass Superstack is a new high strength duct access chamber, designed for large infrastructure and highway projects. The system is highly versatile and has been designed with standard and reinforced rings to cater for high loading applications.

Compass Superstack chambers are formed with Hinged sectional rings. The parts are manufactured from recycled polymer and can be recycled at the end of its life span. All Compass Superstack parts are highly resistant to attack from most acids and alkalis and other forms of chemical erosion unlike cement. They are able to withstand high loading forces which means that a concrete backfill is not required.

Importantly Compass Superstack does not contain PVC which is now considered a dangerous/dirty material and is not suitable for use in construction products.


See below for available sizes, please contact our sales team for additional size information. 

Compass Superstack


Benefits of the Compass Highway Access Chamber System:

  • Available in D400, E600 and F900 Loadings
  • Durable and lightweight
  • No need for concrete surround
  • Reduced handling and Health & safety risk
  • Reinforced Twin-wall design


  • Street lighting & Traffic signal chambers
  • Jointing/Splicing chambers
  • UTX, PRV and MPV Chambers
  • Highway MCX chambers & Rail Chambers

Bespoke Options


  • Plastic/Galvanised cable bearers and brackets
  • Pre-drilled duct entries


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