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R&B has recently supplied over 350 Ductile iron manhole covers and frames together with our COMPASS® Prime chamber system to this new waste and recycling facility in surrey.  The products supplied range from B125 to E600 providing access solutions to all areas of this crucial new development

Work is underway on Surrey County Council’s innovative new Eco Park development at Charlton Lane, Shepperton. This collection of facilities will process waste from Surrey households to create fuels to produce power for the national grid and a fertiliser for use in farming.

Each year Surrey households produce over 500,000 tonnes of waste. Just over half of this is sent for recycling and the rest needs to be disposed of, either at energy recovery facilities or landfill. From a cost and environmental perspective, landfill is the least favourable disposal option.

Currently there are no energy recovery facilities within Surrey and the waste is transported outside of Surrey and in some cases outside of the UK for treatment.

Developing treatment facilities at the Eco Park, gives the county council long-term control over the treatment of a third of the county’s waste and the costs associated with this, improving its resilience.

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