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SKID RESISTANT treatment now available

SKID RESISTANT treatment now available

R&B now offer a skid resistant treatment on our entire range of Ductile Iron Manhole covers and frames.  The newly developed treatment is preformed thermoplastic which is applied at our facility in Telford and gives the finished product a PSRV value of 60+.  Skid resistant covers and frames are becoming more commonly specified in areas considered to be “high risk”.

In recent years general highway safety has improved considerably, not only from innovation in car safety, but also from better highway design, signage and anti skid road surface dressings at accident black spots. However manhole covers have remained unchanged, a slippery metal surface in the road.    

At particular risk from slippery manhole covers are motorcyclists and cyclists, the British Motorcycle Federation (BMF) is very active as are the Motorcycle press in pressing the Government and Highways Agencies to come up with a solution to this killer issue.

R&B has invested in the equipment and training required to apply the skid resistant coating ensuring we can have product treated and ready for despatch within 48 Hrs of order.

Please contact our sales team for more information. 

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